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The Great Gatsby - Official Trailer #1


However, it looks to me like there might be quite a bit of deviating from the book? Which I guess is fine, there’s already a great movie which follows the book (and mmm Robert Redford). It’ll be interesting to see. Either way it’s obviously going to be mega-eyecandy.

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2 years ago
Ben Affleck to star in ‘Great Gatsby’? | In Case You Didn't Know →

ALKJDALSKDJALSKDJ. I don’t know whether to be scared or super-excited. The Great Gatsby is my favorite novel, and I LUUUUURVE the 1974 movie (I might go watch it now actually…INSPIRATION) *swoon*

Just look at that cast. I think Leo could be a delicious Jay and Ben Affleck as Tom? Look at the picture in the article and tell me it won’t be NOM. I think it could be awesome. But it could also turn into a giant clusterfuck, as remade classics can be.

Not sure about the 3D though (unless they do some killer scenery/ballrooms and stuff that would make it more than a “gimmick”). Or Tobey Maguire as Nick (forever Spiderman…). Only time will tell!

3 years ago
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